Sunday, July 22, 2007

Going for a drink

Yesterday evening we went out for a drink together with 2 friends of us; Frederic and Mayumi. We went to a little Izakaya near Sannomiya. Everything in the Izakaya was 350 yen, even the beer. We drunk some beers, had some chicken, akashi yaki, meat, udon, and more before Mayumi her brother Masa and his girlfriend Emi-san came joined us.

Ltr: Masa, Mayu-chan, Frederic, Mayumi, Emi

Later on the evening we went to Bar Trinity a little bit north of Sannomiya where Mayuko her work partner from last year was playing the DJ. It was a small bar, packed with foreigners (5 co-workers of Mayuko were there as well), and some Japanese as well. The music was splendid and I was wondering what this guy (Dee) was doing in this small place... He got some radio interviews on Ibiza, and is working on a CD with some big companies in Germany and The Netherlands as well.

We danced a bit, drunk a bit and well, just enjoyed our evening. The only thing was that when we came home we were both pretty dead so we jumped into bed after we took a shower.


Rudolf said...

Ohayo Dave-san

O genki desu ka?

I'm going to Japan in september to visit a lot of stuff in Tokyo.
I'm from your hometowm Amsterdam.
Planning on doing TEFL and finding me a nice japanese girl to marry too. Mailme sometime, so we can become friends

Anonymous said...

"finding me a nice japanese girl to marry too"

Ouch!! Did he really mean that?!


Dutch Baka said...

Genki desu.

I hope you will have a lot of fun in Tokyo.

Regarding to the finding a nice lady and getting married... I think you already know how stupid that sounds. Disrespecting yourself and the Japanese girls as well.

Think again, and goodluck

MO said...

"finding me a nice japanese girl to marry too"

If you can find ANY girl willing to marry you, consider yourself lucky!

Rudolf said...

Yeah i know i sounds corny. Not trying to disrespects the japanese females.

Did i sound so desperate? :P lol

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hi¡¡ dutch baka, great blog, this pict is so good, sorry, my english sucks, but this blog is really nice, take care¡¡¡

Anonymous said...


it's fun to read a blog of a young Dutch guy teaching english in Japan. No offense but I must say that your english has improved a lot! See that as a compliment :-)