Monday, June 26, 2006

First week in Japan

Hello everyone, Sorry for the late post, I have written a post last Friday but by mistake I lost everything (one hour writing) so now I am trying it again.

on Thursday the 15th of June, I needed to say goodbye to my family, which was of course really difficult, and sad. But not as sad as I thought it would be, maybe because the evening before I realized that life is fantastic, and I didn`t needed to care to much about my family, known they would be alright.

The flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki was alright, and nothing special happened in there, besides me smiling in my seat.

The flight from Helsinki to Osaka was different, first of all because it was much longer 10 hours, and I had a nice older Japanese couple sitting next to me, whom I talked to for hours. Arigato ne Eiko san and Enzo san, for being so kind to me. The airplane was of course full with Japanese people, and from around 200 people I maybe could only see 10-15 non Japanese. I tried to get some sleep in the airplane but remembering my previous experience with flying for this many hours, I knew I wouldn`t be able to sleep, and I didn`t.

Arriving in Japan was a bit weird I must say, because I was really tired, and suddenly I was unable to use my English, my Japanese level isn`t that high, and also the way to Kobe was weird, seeing building everywhere. Mayuko her mom picked me up from Sannomiya (center of Kobe), and we drove together to our new house in Rokko ( see pictures in the previous post. It was great to see her mom again, and we talked a lot.

In the afternoon I finally saw Mayuko again, and that felt so great! hold my wife in my arms again, after 6months and knowing we don`t have to separate anymore. Together we walked to our house ( from Rokko station, to our house is about 15minutes up hill walk) and she showed me our house.

I think the house where we are living in is great, it`s heaps larger than I had expected, and also the area where we are living in is great. Mountains on the right, ocean view on the left.

On Sunday we went to her parents house, and met the whole family again. We had a lunch together, toasted with beer (Kanpai) and had some nice talks. Later that afternoon we were shopping with her brother and his wife (we got a sofa from him).

On Monday we went to the City hall to take care of my Gaijin card ( this is a card that I should always have with me, because I am a foreigner in Japan ( Gaijin- outside person, foreigner. this word can be a bit rude, the same we have alochtoon in the Netherlands). When we wanted to fill in the papers, we found out that this fucker ( sorry but he is a fucker) on the airport made a mistake, by not checking my visa , and not reading my intent of stay in Japan. Because of this, he gave me a 3 month stamp, with the meaning that I needed to go out of Japan with in 3months, and that I could only get a 1 year Gaijin Card instead of a 5 year gaijin card. So yeah after we filled in some papers, we also needed to mail my passport to the Immigration.

A lot of work needed to be done, and probably still needs to be done. Paperwork, paperwork, and even more paperwork. Arigato Mayuko for taking care of this!!!

The days after that, we bought some stuff for the house, relaxed in Kobe`s herb park, and just enjoyed being together again.

On Thursday Mayuko needed to work again, so I started searching for a job as an English teacher. I had send out a lot of emails to companies in here, and even got a short interview on Friday, the interview wasn`t really an interview, because I just got the job, only problem was I didn`t knew for how many hours etc.

On Saturday we went to her Grandmothers house in Ako, she is around 84, we had a lunch. We had this real big EBI ( ebi is a Prawn), and after that we went to her grandmothers house. She showed me pictures of herself when she was young, and from Mayuko her mother ( funny to see that they really look like each other sometimes).

On Sunday we went to Sannomiya to buy a mobile phone for me, and a suit ( yes me in a suit, for job interviews, and for weddings etc). Well I got a real nice Mobile phone, the Vodafone 804ss please click here for some information. And also the suit I bought was pretty nice.

yesterday I started my Job as an Enlgish teacher here in Japan, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, even tough the first boy was a pain in the ass, because he just couldn`t concentrate, and I needed to take care of him by myself ( the teacher just run off, and said please take care of him). Later that afternoon I needed to teach some little girl from 6, which was just perfect, she was really sweet, and it was really easy to work with her. We practiced Pre-positions, and time.

The only bad thing about this work is that I can only work 2 times a week, and summer school which is starting from the 24th of June. So I don`t think I will stay here for a long time. Actually I am already looking for another job.

So this is a bit what had happened the last week. It`s busy, and I must say that so now and then I have my bad moments. For example, I like to be in charge, to do things myself, but now I am totally dependent from Mayuko, and that makes me insecure sometimes. But on the other hand, I am proud of myself on what I am doing, and proud of Mayuko on what she is doing for us.

We still got a long way to go, but we believe in the future, and up to now, our plans came out well...

Thanks everybody, and don`t forget to post a comment!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our house

The kitchen

The 2 doors to the toilet and bathroom

TV\Computer, sofa will come in 2 weeks, and table in a couple of days

Eating Okonomiyaki with Mayu on my first day

.. Says enough?

Sorry for no message, because we are pretty busy at the moment, but everything is going well in here. We are setting up the house, and enjoying being together again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Packing, and saying bye bye

Today it will be my last day in the Netherlands, at least for the next years. Tomorrow morning on 11.55 I will depart to Japan, via Helsinki.

A lot have happened the few days so let me first go back to my last day of work; Friday the 9th of June. I took a morning off, to get some sleep, and woke up perfectly happy. On my work it was pretty normal actually, and it didn't really felt like it was my last day. Because another guy (Paul) also had his last day in there, we decided to buy something together * here in the Netherlands when it is your last day on work, or birthday, it is normal to buy something like Pie or Candy* but because we couldn't order Pie anymore we decided to buy some Pizza for everyone. After work we had a small goodbye party/ watching the first soccer match at the bar across the street. I was happy to see the Japanese managers in their too, because I know that they won't come that fast. I want to thank everybody from my work for the great time I have had in there, and the trust and respect you guys gave me. Arigato Gozaimasu (thank you very much) especially I have to say thank you to a group of people, but I think you guys already know who I mean.

On Saturday I had a beautiful canoe trip with my sweet mom, the weather was perfect, and the water was quiet. We had some great talks that day, and as normal it always feels great talking with my mom about nothing, life etc.

On Sunday I was at my dads place to watch soccer with the whole family! Whoehoe, Netherlands won with 1-0. I am definitely going to continue following the matches when I am in Japan, just I don't know if they are really being broadcast in there.

Monday was shopping day, I needed to have some shoes, t-shirts, and for my mother in law Godiva chocolate. Ow and not to forget I also bought Rummikub, and Triominos. I packed my bag ( I won't use a suitcase but a big Cricket bag because I can put more crap in it) which was 25 kilo... AAAA I can only bring 20 with me, so I needed to take some things out of the bag, DVDs do I need them NO, BYE BYE. A book, NO don't need BYE Bye, So finally it went back to 15 kilo. But yeah haha, on the next day it was back to 22 kilo. pfff I hate packing my bag.

I went to Egmond yesterday with my mom, a small place next to the beach, where we did some last shopping * I have bought some presents for the child that my brother in law and his wife are expecting, and for Eisuke the child of Mayuko her best friend. While we sat on the beach we had some good talk (again) and I asked her for advice. My mom is a bit afraid that I am going to lose my Dutch feeling, and while turn into Samurai William. But I don't think I will do that, because my heart will always be in The Netherlands, and I will always have Dutch blood *alright a little Belgium blood too, don't say this to anybody else alright*.

And today is my last day in here, I have finished packing my bag, except for my laptop and the chocolates that lays in the fridge. Tonight we will have a family dinner at my dads place, and tomorrow will be the time to say goodbye.

This is where it become difficult. Saying goodbye to people whom I love, and especially to people whom are family and whom I have become so close with for the last 2 years. I love you my brother, I love you Carolien, I love you Dad, and I love you my sweet mom. You guys will always be in my heart and my family forever. That's why distance is nothing more than meters and flying hours. Because we will always stick together.

I will update you guys next week how my first week in Japan was. Wish me luck

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

7 days to go, what should I bring with me?

Well only 7 days to go, 1.5 day to work. Next Monday I will go shopping; food, clothes, etc. But the question is: What shall I buy, what shall I bring with me to Japan? I hope you people have some idea's for me.

List of things that definitely want to buy:
Peanut butter
Godiva Chocolate for my mother in law
Chocolate spread
Cheese shaver
Smoked Sausage
Dutch souvenirs: such as post cards, and small well other stuff, NO DROP
present for my father in law, V.S.O.P

So if anybody got some idea's for me???? Please leave a comment.

8 days to go

Only 8 days to go, and I will depart to Japan. WOEHOE!!! I must say that sometimes I am going crazy a little bit, it's a big step that I am going to take and sometimes it is a bit scary, but mainly I am just so happy to be with Mayuko again, and to be in Kireii (beautifull) Japan again.

Almost everything is done, I only have to send out some money next week, and make some phone calls to the city hall, and my insurance company.

But first off all only 2 days to work, I must say that I have really enjoyed this job, even though there are some things in the company that I disagree on. But yeah, that's okay. Just want to say thanks to all of you guys who have been kind to me in here. Niara ;)

I will be writing more the next couple of days, and I hope that when I am in Japan I will be able to write every week.

Matane * see you soon