Sunday, March 29, 2009


I don't mind to overwork so now and then... but when I am also overworking in my mind it's getting a bit too much I think.

On March 20th we had a mini presentation, and graduation ceremony for 3 of our students. We practiced for about 3 weeks everyday for the mini presentation (the 3 little pigs) and the kids were amazing. The days before I told them that they needed to stop playing around and think about their last day, but on the day itself... WOW. After the presentation there was a small graduation ceremony witch went fine although it was very sad to say goodbye to 3 of the kids... last week 2 others decided to stop this school due to certain reasons.

Due to certain reasons we have had a lot of meetings the last couple of weeks, and actually 4 of my co-workers will stop working there (there only work 5 persons, so I will be the only one left... and I just work there 2 months :( ) So it's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, and it probably will stay like that until my new co-workers will known what they have to know.

Besides work, everything is doing fine. Reo is doing well, and Mayuko is very happy with her Nanocare that I gave her for her 31st birthday. Tomorrow we will probably go to Akashi koen, to have a hanami party (cherry blossom viewing party).

New season, new challenges, new chances

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hiking Mt. Maya

Because there was no Futsall today, neither there was last week though, I decided to do some exercise; Hiking.

I have already hiked up Mt. Maya twice but both of them were with friends, this time I decided to go by myself... why? Because sometimes it can be very annoying when you want to continue and your friends want to stop every 10 minutes to take a break. It was a very nice hike today, although it was a bit difficult because it rained the whole day yesterday the paths turned into water streams, and everything was very slippery. Owww... and I took the wrong road haha.

If anybody want to join me next time, then please contact me... but do know that I do not want to stop every 10 minutes.

The Mountain wasn't so high, but when you go off the main road it's pretty hard I think.

Jumping over rivers was fun.

Can you see the red line in the middle... well I was supposed to take that road, but I took the one north of it.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Wireless Internet (hehehe part 2)

Well, here is the second part of the mission called; Wireless Internet.

My wife received a phone call from the modem's company, but I wasn't there and also Reo was jumping around in the room, so he gave us a call back today. We were on the phone for about 1.5 hour, but he couldn't help us :( . The information he gave us was so different than the explanation we got from the paper, so I couldn't understand too much of it anymore, and my wife isn't a computer freak at all.... so she got a bit pissed off as well.

After the call, my wife and I had a small discussion about it, and she even said I shouldn't play around with things that I don't know... which of course pissed me off again so I started trying it by myself again.... and then....


I don't know what I have done... but it doesn't matter anymore. After F##king around for about 9 hours I can finally use wireless internet.