Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas in Japan

For most Japanese who celebrate Christmas, it’s purely a secular holiday devoted to the love of their children, or for the younger couples. Japanese people don’t have a day off like we have. In Japan time to celebrate with the family is with the New year.

But my Christmas in Japan was a pretty nice and warm one. First of all what Mikawa Ossan said in his blog, the Internet community is just great, we wished each other a merry Christmas, and it is heart warming, even on distance and from people you don’t really know well.

The week before Christmas, I had bought some Christmas decorations (2 snowman’s, small wooden Christmas tree, and 2 Christmas socks). We had a Christmas breakfast with Rookworst, cheese, scrambled eggs, and coffee. After this we exchanged presents, Mayuko received her favourite perfume from Tommy Hilfiger, some clothes, and a nice letter including something so that she can care more about her health the upcoming year. In exchange I received a DVD, Socks, and a new Porter Wallet.

After this we made our own Christmas cake (lots of chocolate, cream, and strawberries), watched some TV, started working on our wedding invitation cards, and Mayuko prepared a lovely Christmas dinner.

I enjoyed this Christmas a lot, even though I did miss my family, and the Christmas atmosphere we have in the Netherlands, but yeah maybe next year we will choose a different style.

Merry Christmas (bit late, but it’s about the feeling), and a Happy new year to you all.

I love you Mayuko

It's an ugly picture, but I just wanted to show you guys that I Mayuko didn't make the cake by herself.

The presents

Mayuko and food...

Oishii soooo ne (looks nice ne)

Uncle Dave part 2 (many more to come)

On the 17th of December my brother in law and his family came over to the family house, and of course the little girl “Nana chan” was there as well.

The baby is so cute, but aren’t all babies cute? Well, anyway I think she is VERY cute haha. I am looking forward to get my own child, but there are some other things that have to be done before that … (sex … ).

Anyway here are some new pictures of the new born Superstar Nana chan + family


The Family, from left to right: Me, Otosan, Nana-chan, Mayuko, Okasan, Akiko, and brother in law Takuya.

Otosan and Nana-chan


My Birthday in Japan

The 13th of December was my 22st birthday, and my first time to celebrate it in Japan. I honestly have to say that I don't miss my parents a lot, because I am just to busy with my life in Japan. But on my birthday I actually missed to have my family around me, because the only person who congratulated me was my wife and some of the teachers... even my parents in law forgot about it.

They don't celebrate birthdays here in Japan as they do it in the Netherlands or other countries, here it is just a Happy birthday and most of the times that's about it.

I was so happy to receive a packet from my parents with a lot of candy, and presents in it! and in the evening Mayuko and I went out for dinner at a local Izakaya.

For my birthday I bought a Nikon D50 camera, and Mayuko helped my buying it.

Here are some of my first Pictures with this beautiful camera.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Uncle Dave

I am a little bit late with this, but since a month ago I have became Uncle Dave.

My brother-in-law has got a Beautiful little girl, named Nana. The baby is healthy and the mother Akiko-san is doing great as well.

I can't wait to baby sit on Nana-chan, and it sure made me think more about having a baby as well. But I think that will take another 1.5-3 years before we get one. But until that day... I will dream about it.

Here is a picture from Nana-chan 4 days after she was born.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It is 3.25 now, and I still have 20 minutes before school is over.

Life is doing well, and the schools are doing better than before. I am a little bit sick recently, so the last couple of days the schools where pretty though: Imagine yourself with 40 screaming kids, while you are having a cold and you have 6x 45minutes.

Only 1.3 week to go and I will be having my Winter Break, YATTA!!!(GREAT). I think I have been doing great the last months, even though things are not perfect yet. For example, my Japanese should have been a little bit better, and also my health should have been better as well. So my goals for next year are, 1. Do some sport (Yes I have been saying this too myself since I was 15 or something) 2. I want to join some Japanese classes (even though it is only once a week, I should do something about it).

I still have a lot of other goals for the upcoming years. But I shouldn't rush too much with things, I mean with Kids, buying a mansion, setting up my own business, and buying a nice BMW for myself, etc.

Most important things is that I am enjoying my life, I am learning from my life, and I am happy together with Mayuko ( and I know she is with me... Well most of the times haha)

Just some pics from my classes: