Thursday, December 07, 2006

It is 3.25 now, and I still have 20 minutes before school is over.

Life is doing well, and the schools are doing better than before. I am a little bit sick recently, so the last couple of days the schools where pretty though: Imagine yourself with 40 screaming kids, while you are having a cold and you have 6x 45minutes.

Only 1.3 week to go and I will be having my Winter Break, YATTA!!!(GREAT). I think I have been doing great the last months, even though things are not perfect yet. For example, my Japanese should have been a little bit better, and also my health should have been better as well. So my goals for next year are, 1. Do some sport (Yes I have been saying this too myself since I was 15 or something) 2. I want to join some Japanese classes (even though it is only once a week, I should do something about it).

I still have a lot of other goals for the upcoming years. But I shouldn't rush too much with things, I mean with Kids, buying a mansion, setting up my own business, and buying a nice BMW for myself, etc.

Most important things is that I am enjoying my life, I am learning from my life, and I am happy together with Mayuko ( and I know she is with me... Well most of the times haha)

Just some pics from my classes:


Rick said...

6 classes is pretty tough! We teachers need a long holiday once in a while don't you think? It seems that you are really happy with your life though, and that is good news! I'd say ganbatte for the next 2 weeks! Greets!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you look sooo good as a teacher! I wish I had a teacher lik you when I was a little kid! I would be writing a fan letter to you everyday! Please drink a lot of juice and rest, and take it easy with your work to get better for your winter break.

Zen said...

Sounds like you are getting a good grip on things. Congrats!