Monday, October 23, 2006


Okay time for an update of my life here in Japan.

School is doing pretty good, I am getting used to it now, even though some of the little guys are still asking for a hit ( joke!!!!… I just don’t like the Kancho). I had an observation last week from one of my managers, and of course I was nervous because I was afraid to make mistakes, to make mispronunciations and stuff like that (maybe they would fire me, and throw me out of the country…. Ahum) but I was nervous for nothing, because it went really good, he even said that if he had a video camera he would have taped it and shown it to the new trainees.

I don’t think my English is really great, because I make a lot of mistakes, in my sentences, and sometimes in my pronounciation. But in overall I think I can make the lesson fun, and let the kids learn in a fun way. I can communicate with the most teachers (hand gestures, and shouting…) so yeah, in overall I don’t think I am doing that bad ( a good teacher is a person with a lot of experience I think, and I need to get that in the next year(s) , but as I have said in my last post, I don’t think that I want to be an English teacher for all my life.

I started learning Kanji 2 weeks ago, and even though I don’t always have time for it, I am actually enjoying learning it. So I want to share some with you guys

(the last characters are the Kanji characters)
1 ichi いち 一
2 ni に   二
3 san さん 三
4 yon よん   四
5 go ご   五
6 roku ろく  六
7 nana なな 七
8 hachi はち 八
9 kyuu きゅう 九
10 ju じゅう 十

I still have a long way to go with studying kanji, but that doesn’t matter, because you don’t learn 100.000 characters in a day , right?

Last weekend I went hiking with two of my co-workers Jory and Mike (two American guys, we walked up to Mt. Maya (699m) from Shin-kobe station, Hankyu Rokko, a total walk of 7 hours. It enjoyed the walk a lot, and I hope to do some more hiking the up coming months, years. ( my goal is Mt. Fuji)

In the evening we went to some friends (co-workers of Mayu) drunk some beers, had a lovely dinner, and arrived back home around 12.30 am. A great day that was.

Sunday we stayed at home, because I was a bit sick, and we just wanted to do nothing… so we decided to watch ……. GONE WITH THE WIND … haha, a nice movie that was, even though I think 4 hours was a bit long.

I am chancing schools from next week, and I hope that I can get used to those news schools, but I think I can, because it isn’t that hard, and I am enjoying myself for the time being.

See you guys later!!!


Zen said...

I have heard abut the kancho "fun" the kids think is cool. I would nip that in the bud! Where is the respect for the sensei! There are other paths of pain besides hitting...

Moving on.

All sounds good for you. That is good news.

Rick said...

I think the kancho feels kinds nice though heheh... no of course not. It's one of the things of Japan I still don't understand. Nice post D!

Kanji are a real pain in the (kancho!) a**. I'm also trying hard. Ganbarimashou!

Let's get all the Dutchmen together and climb mount Fuji some time! Good luck with teaching English and if you can also try and teach them some manners before I get to Osaka! See you later!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I didn't read all but I like your site (lovely photos....) You're lucky living in japan, have a japanese wife!! It's my dream! I know you by the jref forum, you gave me advices on places to see in you're town. Thank you ^_^ I will read more when I will have time cause living in Japan interesse me a lot.