Monday, March 27, 2006

Teaching in Japan preparation

When I arrive in Japan, I should get *of course* a job. My love is in the IT/Design section, but that's not so easy to get, because my Japanese is not that good yet. So instead of searching for an IT job, I want to start as an English teacher ( EIGO NO SENSEI). When I was in Japan last year, I was teaching Japanese kids in summer school for one week! It was not easy, especially because I had NO NO NO experience in teaching at all, but It also was heaps of fun, and after already 3 days the kids started to enjoy a lot with me, and I enjoyed with them.

So as a preparation to make things more easy, getting a job, and feeling confident about myself, I am doing a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). It is not the best teaching course there is, but better something than nothing! I have 10 modules, plus and extra Grammar, and Kids module! Here is a short list of what I learn:

> Module 1 : Student Motivation, Teacher Roles & EFL Methodology
> Module 2 : Grammar Awareness
> Module 3 : Classroom Management & Student Levels
> Module 4 : How to teach Grammar
> Module 5 : How to teach Vocabulary
> Module 6 : Observe & analyze a teacher in action (on DVD ROM)
> Module 7 : How to teach Speaking and Writing Skills
> Module 8 : How to teach Reading and Listening Skills
> Module 9 : Games & Lesson Planning
> Module 10 : Information & Resources
> Module 11 : Extra GAM (Grammar Awareness module)
> Module 12 : Extra Young Learners

Check for more info the website from I to I tefl

I am really enjoying this course, and I am learning a lot ( even though it is only theory) I still have to work on my English though, and that is one of the hardest parts of this course. But yeah, isn't everyone learning in life!? I finished all modules except the Games & Lesson Planning and the Young Learners one. The Lesson planning really is a .... But I learn a lot from it, so that's okay.

I really hope that I can find a nice teaching Job in Japan, and that I can develop my website ( ) , so that I can make money with that, and get more people visiting my website * currently I got 2300 a month! woehoe!

Catch you people later, and don't be afraid to leave a comment!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


The number one sport in my own country The Netherlands is soccer, I am raised with soccer by my father; we always watched the games and I played soccer daily on the street with my brother, and my dad.

This is over from the time I will arive in Japan, because the number one sport in Japan *at least the one that is most interested for me* is Baseball ( Yakyu in Japanese), you know 2 teams, try to hit the ball as good as posible, and than RUN!!! first base, Second base, third base, HOME!!!! HOMEEEEE RUNNNNNNN. In Japan there are 2 leauges, the Central leauge, and the Pacific leuage. They concists of 6 teams, which plays several games a week. The winner of each leauge will play against each other in the play offs. and the winner of that is THE WINNER!!!!

Last year the Hanshin tigers * they are located in the Kansai area, so I will probably see some games of them. * were the winner of the Central leauge, but they lost the Play offs.

In the last month their were the World Baseball Classics, what is seen as the WORLD CUP. and the winner of that: JAPAN!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The last year, my wife (oksan) and I have been fantasizing about a house, where, how much, etc. We have looked around on some websites, and when I was in Japan last year, we even visited 2 houses. The size of a house is in Tatami size, one tatami is measure roughly 180 cm x 90 cm. What were looking for was a house with 2 rooms, both 6 Tatami exl Kitchen, and bath. Normally for something like this you pay around 60/70.000 yen a month * convert* and the first month you have to pay around 4 to 5 times the rent: Reservation fee (tetsukekin), Deposit (shikikin), Key money (reikin), and Service fee (chukai tesuryo) . So yeah this will cost around 240.000 yen, which is of course expensive! But the good thing is, that in Japan, you don't have waiting lists, you can get a house in 1 or 2 days! and that's what I like, because here in Amsterdam, you will come on a waiting list from a minimum of 3-4 years, at least to get something that you Like!.

Because when I come to Japan, I won't have a job yet, we need to life from my oksan her salary, so we shouldn't get a too expensive house. So what we did, well actually she did, was applying for a special house *provided by the City Hall* , which only people who don't have enough income, are handicaped, etc. and the good thing is, we got one!! (well for 99%, she only should show the papers!) this house cost us only 30.000 yen a month, compairing to what I wrote before, it's a BIG difference!!! we have size what we want, 2 rooms from 6 Tatami, and a balcony *what more do you want!!! and one of the best things is that it is located between Kobe, and Osaka, in a place called Rokko, which is just under Mt. Rokko * we spend our wedding day here. From this area you could view over the whole city of kobe, and see the ocean.

So yeah, I am really happy to get to life in this area, even though we have to walk up the mountain from Rokko station! Here are some pictures from the Mt Rokko area.

Monday, March 13, 2006

3 Months until Departure

It's been a while since I have written something down here, so I though, let's Write. Especially because it's only 3 months before I am going to Japan, I should update you guys, and well everyone else on this planet.

The last time I wrote something in here, is already 8 months ago or something, so a short update : After coming back to the Netherlands I felt really bad, because of the 2 different worlds we are living in, the selfish western world, and the non-selfish-sometimesfake- eastern world. I choose to live in the Eastern world!

I've been studying Japanese, English, and started up my own website: this website started out with 100 a month, 1000 a month and now I have over 2000 for the upcoming month with around 300+ visitors a month. I almost finished my Tefl study, it's damn hard sometimes, but hey, if I can get a job more easy in Japan, why not?

2 weeks ago my wife applied for my Spouse Visa, and we will probably hear something in about 1.5-2 months from now. Crazy times it are, lot of things to do, and lots days to wait. At least, it sometimes seems to be a lot of days, while it is only 3 months.

The next weeks I will update you people more about my preparing for Japan, and my departure from my country, my family, my work, etc.

Matane ( see you soon in Japanese)