Thursday, March 23, 2006


The number one sport in my own country The Netherlands is soccer, I am raised with soccer by my father; we always watched the games and I played soccer daily on the street with my brother, and my dad.

This is over from the time I will arive in Japan, because the number one sport in Japan *at least the one that is most interested for me* is Baseball ( Yakyu in Japanese), you know 2 teams, try to hit the ball as good as posible, and than RUN!!! first base, Second base, third base, HOME!!!! HOMEEEEE RUNNNNNNN. In Japan there are 2 leauges, the Central leauge, and the Pacific leuage. They concists of 6 teams, which plays several games a week. The winner of each leauge will play against each other in the play offs. and the winner of that is THE WINNER!!!!

Last year the Hanshin tigers * they are located in the Kansai area, so I will probably see some games of them. * were the winner of the Central leauge, but they lost the Play offs.

In the last month their were the World Baseball Classics, what is seen as the WORLD CUP. and the winner of that: JAPAN!!!!!!!!

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