Thursday, November 29, 2007

November Update

Today I went to one of the schools that I'm teaching at (I am teaching at 3 schools this moment). It's a school in Down-town Kobe, what you can see because the kids are a bit rougher and they have some more fights than other schools I have been to, but for the rest the kids are very nice, and closer to me than kids on other schools... I had 5 lessons today, from the 1st period until the 5th period, and I was teaching them about Feelings and Food.

This morning I also talked to Mayuko about what we shall do during our (3 weeks YATTA) winter break. A couple of months ago we were planing of going to Tokyo, but now Mayuko is pregnant a busy city like that is not the best option so we might go to Fukuoka if Mayuko her morning sickness has gone away a little bit more (doing better reccently).

We will also stay at the parents house for at least 2 weeks, where I want to try to give a bit more Dutch style Christmas and New year. Not sure yet how to do that tough... tips?

I am also planning of sending a box full of presents back home, I should because I promised them before....

But yeah, still 3 working weeks to go... ow I mean 2 weeks... dam this week went fast. ;)