Sunday, April 30, 2006


This last Saturday my wife said that she had big news for me, and it WAS! When she said this I immediately knew what she was going to say: She received my Visa.

I was so happy to hear this, because I was a little bit worried if it would come in on time, and that everything was arranged good. I almost cried actually and it made me have this big smile when I am thinking about it! 45 days to go now, yes counting off sucks because the days are only going slower and slower, and my excitement is getting bigger and bigger haha.

Mayuko will be moving to the house this Wednesday, so let's see what she's thinking of it.

I hope this last weeks will not be to hard, but I will try to see everything with a positive attitude.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

less than 50 days to go, Yatta

Well, only less than 50 days to go, whohoe, I am getting Dokidoki *excited* because Mayuko got the keys of the house yesterday, and it is larger than we expected. It is as I have said before 2 rooms of 6tatami, but the Kitchen is also 6 tatami, so that means that we can put a table in it. and also the balcony is larger than we expected, we can even put 3 chairs in it haha.

I went to the bank last week, to get an insurance, to send money to Japan, and to give Lientje * my mom her wife* power to end my bank account. So I guess almost everything is done in here, all I have to do is send a moving out message to the City hall, and some other small things, and wait for the big thing the Visa...

Recently I have been working a lot on my website and added many things, so please take a look and tell me what you think of it, and if anyone knows how I can let my website be higher in the search programs, please send me a message!

See you in 49 days in Japan :D

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My love for "Dreams Come True"

My love for Japanese music, only goes to a couple of artists, such as Hikaru Utada, Boa, Spitz, and a couple more. But my Favorite Japanese Band all time is : "Dreams come True". Why I love them? Because I can cry on their music, but at the same time smile, even though I don't understand a thing about it.

The band was formed in 1988 by the bands lead singer is Miwa Yoshida, Nakamura Masato, the arranger, producer, bassist & overall mastermind, and Nishikawa Takahiro, keyboardist, manipulation and sound designer (who stepped out of the group in 2002).

Dreams Come True presents music which is a pleasure to the ear, the mind, and the soul. Never being content with one style, they compose songs with genre influences from Pop, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, and even Classical; Many styles, as varied as their own musical influences, provide their music with a rich base to form their own unique Dreams Come True style.

They have sold over 30 million albums and 15 million singles. Had 22 Top five singles, and reached 10 times the #1 posistion. And also their album hit the #1 album posistion 11 times. Dreams Come True albums have also been a staple of the Oricon charts, accumulating close to 18 years worth of time during the group's 17 year history. Their second album, Love Goes On..., spent over 4 years on the charts.

So I guess everyone is getting the point: THE JUST ARE THE BEST BAND IN JAPANESE HISTORY!

So here are some songs for you:

Because I think DTC is such a great band, I want to spend some more attention to them later on, so: TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Learning Japanese

Okay, with only less then 2 months to go, I have to learn the language as soon as possible. The problem is a bit (read my previous post) that I can't get my mind clear. But maybe this is the cure for it, to keep busy in my mind.

My goal for learning Japanese this upcoming 2 months, is first of all to increase my vocabulary, to be able to talk in basic conversations *well this is for the next half year.... year).

to be continued...

Less then 2 months, and I am freaking out sometimes

It's less then 2 months to go, and It looks like everything is doing great, finished my Tefl degree, got a great cheap house, saved enough money, and am ready to go to Japan and my wife.

But, with less then 2 months, I am also losing myself in some way, getting more stressed, losing my confident, and just sometimes don't know what to do. I guess this is because of being on a distance relation for 2.5 year, and this will be the last 2 months of it. I have to say goodbye to my family, my life, my country, and start all over again, is it really this difficult? or really this simple? I don't know any more how to think about certain things, I am having my emotions about this, but when I talk to my wife about it, i can't always get to hear what I want, that's not her fault, because she is raised by this, and same as most Japanese, feelings is just way different than we Dutch people.

But it's is tough sometimes, and I guess I just have to come over it, be strong, and be patient. I am already patient for 2 years now, and now is finaly the time , and I am freaking out haha.

I should be confident about myself more, and keep knowing in my mind that my wife is loving me, even though she is busy with school, herself, and our house etc.

Only less then 2 months... Counting of the days... day by day, day by day, everything looks so slow at the moment...