Tuesday, April 25, 2006

less than 50 days to go, Yatta

Well, only less than 50 days to go, whohoe, I am getting Dokidoki *excited* because Mayuko got the keys of the house yesterday, and it is larger than we expected. It is as I have said before 2 rooms of 6tatami, but the Kitchen is also 6 tatami, so that means that we can put a table in it. and also the balcony is larger than we expected, we can even put 3 chairs in it haha.

I went to the bank last week, to get an insurance, to send money to Japan, and to give Lientje * my mom her wife* power to end my bank account. So I guess almost everything is done in here, all I have to do is send a moving out message to the City hall, and some other small things, and wait for the big thing the Visa...

Recently I have been working a lot on my website www.kobecityinfo.com and added many things, so please take a look and tell me what you think of it, and if anyone knows how I can let my website be higher in the search programs, please send me a message!

See you in 49 days in Japan :D

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