Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An interesting Sunday, and a new challenge

Last Sunday I went to my first Karate tournament... No I didn't participate (I am not sure if I want to with those punches one guy got on his chest for 9 minutes long), but a friend of mine, Boukje, did. She didn't expect to win at all, but she won twice and because of that she got a shared 3rd place. WOEHOEEE GO GO BOUKJE!!!!

Her husband had 2 fights as well later on the afternoon. He won both of them, which made him champion!!!

Bronze medal Taekwondo fighter Yoriko Okamoto was there as well, so I managed to get a sign (with my name spelled wrong), and a nice picture.

New Challenge

From August I will start my new study: Bachelor Communication & multimedia design.
This study will probably take me about 2-3 years, but I am sure it will be worth it. I love working with computers, and I am very interested in learning more about management.

Someday... I want to have my own company.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

JLPT 2 2009 .... it's over...

After having studied for weeks for the JLPT, the day was finally there yesterday...

I arrived at Kwansei Gakuin (関西学院) where I met this guy I used to go to KCC with. The first test (Kanji - Vocabulary) started at 9.45 which went pretty good (except for the part that they only said ; 5 more minutes to go.... and where you expect them to say last 1 minute it is suddenly: Time is up, put your pencil down.... aaa I still need to do 5 more questions... check check check check check)... Maybe around 75 points

The second test (listening) went really well, I made a lot of notes in the second parts. maybe 85 points...

The 3rd test (reading - grammar) went very well except for the reading part... which I just didn't get because of stress, tiredness, or just because my reading skills suck (probably the last one)... maybe 90 points

Meaning, 75 + 85+ 90 = 250 points.... I need 240 points...

I have to wait until September to hear the result ( please think of me :) )

I kinda feel empty now, having studied Japanese for months and prepared for the test for weeks... and now I don't have to do anything anymore... Setting new goals: LOI Bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design ....