Friday, August 24, 2007

Obon part 2

Sitting here in the train, playing with my mac computer… it’s weird because this is the first time I am actually playing a notebook in the train and it feels kind of weird to be honest… a well who cares.

Anyway, to come back to the Obon holidays, Tuesday Mayuko her sister came back home but unfortunately only for 2 days so we couldn’t go anywhere together (she also invited her friends over so we almost didn’t do anything with her. Because of that Mayuko and I went over to a Manga Kiss, where Mayuko was reading some Manga, and I was playing some games and played with the computer.

On Wednesday Mayuko and I had a very good, and necessary argument together about my life in here. We talked about that I should get more friends, do some sport, and study Japanese more… and you know what, she’s right. I have been here now for one year, and it’s time to do some more things. I got used to Japan, learned the basic stuff, got a job, and some friends… but there Is more. So yeah, tomorrow I will be playing futsal with some guys I have met on the net, and I started learning Japanese again since last week. I’m trying hard, and I will always keep trying.

Together with her mom and dad we went to Fruits and flower park, a 45min drive from their house up north. We had a BBQ (including Kobe beef… the cheap parts but still expensive if you ask me), played some putter golf, and did some go-karts with Mayuko.

On Friday we visited Mayuko her friend Chie, together with chiseru. This time Eisuke wasn’t the happiest kid on the block, but his sister Urara was. Was fun, and they are getting bigger every time we are coming.

On Saturday we had some lunch at a Japanese lunch room, it really was a Japanese style lunch with fish, rice and some more stuff… how much it was? 1000 yen a person.

Sunday was Mayuko her last day of the holiday so we just relaxed at home, watched a movie (Disturbia, a very good movie btw).

I started working again last Tuesday, and it’s doing better and better, so I really hope to find myself a job similar to this one in the upcoming weeks/months… before upcoming MARCH… おねがいします。

I hope the rest of you also had a nice holiday during this hot summer months. Enjoy life.

The key of life, keep thinking positive no matter what may happen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This week it is Obon in Japan, that means that besides the fact that it is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one's ancestors, we are also having some days off. Well, at least the most of us here in Japan. From Saturday morning we went to our Mayuko her parents (1hour driving), and we will stay here probably until tomorrow evening or Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening we played some Hachi-hachi a game where everyone will get 2 cards, and the highest card is the winner. You can bluff which of course works so now and again, and the bet is 100 yen a turn. We played it with 6 players so every time there was a minimum of 600 yen on the table, up to 3000 yen. It's a fun game.

Later on the evening Takuya and I went fishing from 1 until 3 o'clock. Which was fun because normally we go fishing in the morning, but again for the fourth time we didn't catch any fish.

On Sunday we went to Shiawase No mura, (trans. Village of happiness) were we had a pick nick together with Frederic, Mayumi and Yoshi. We played some ball sports, and had a waterfight. After that we went to some Izakaya kind of restaurant chain, and had a small firework party together.

I'll be back with more.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wedding anniversary, a new car, and my summer job.

Welcome back on my blog, and thanks to all of you whom are reading it and giving me comments. I love reading your responses so if you have any, don't hesitate to write me something.

Well, first things first. Last Friday was our wedding anniversary, we have been married for 2 years now and are planning on many more anniversaries as well.... so please check this blog again next year around this time ;)... anyway, we went out for dinner at a place called Sanda-ya, a famous restaurant here in Kobe with some delicious beef and a wonderful (even though they should have cleaned the windows a bit more... but hey you can't have everything, right?) view over the Akashi Kaikyo bridge. Mayuko gave me some great tickets for a Hanshin Tigers match (finally!!! I have been a fan for over a year, and this will be the first time that I am will be seeing them), and I gave Mayuko a nice neckless.

Because my brother in law had bought himself a new car last week (a nice Nissan Elgrand Rider to be precise), he was so nice to give his old car to us. And we are, we really are, soooooooooooo happy with it. Because we now have our freedom to drive to places in the weekend, go shopping by car instead of by bus and her mothers car.... We can watch TV in the car while we are driving (I did yesterday... wow). So yeah the car is just great. It's a Toyota BB, has a lot of power, space and drives very easy (according to Mayuko, because poor me doesn't have a driver licence yet).

last but not least, last week I also started working at my new summer job. I am teaching some kids from age 4-7 in groups of 8 students English at a school 1.5 hour away from here... which is a bit far, but it's work isn't. I guess it's not to bad, and it's really good for me resume but I will keep doing my best to get a better job a.s.a.p. ... if things work out.

Have a nice hot (it's over 30 here) week.