Monday, March 13, 2006

3 Months until Departure

It's been a while since I have written something down here, so I though, let's Write. Especially because it's only 3 months before I am going to Japan, I should update you guys, and well everyone else on this planet.

The last time I wrote something in here, is already 8 months ago or something, so a short update : After coming back to the Netherlands I felt really bad, because of the 2 different worlds we are living in, the selfish western world, and the non-selfish-sometimesfake- eastern world. I choose to live in the Eastern world!

I've been studying Japanese, English, and started up my own website: this website started out with 100 a month, 1000 a month and now I have over 2000 for the upcoming month with around 300+ visitors a month. I almost finished my Tefl study, it's damn hard sometimes, but hey, if I can get a job more easy in Japan, why not?

2 weeks ago my wife applied for my Spouse Visa, and we will probably hear something in about 1.5-2 months from now. Crazy times it are, lot of things to do, and lots days to wait. At least, it sometimes seems to be a lot of days, while it is only 3 months.

The next weeks I will update you people more about my preparing for Japan, and my departure from my country, my family, my work, etc.

Matane ( see you soon in Japanese)

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