Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Birthday in Japan

The 13th of December was my 22st birthday, and my first time to celebrate it in Japan. I honestly have to say that I don't miss my parents a lot, because I am just to busy with my life in Japan. But on my birthday I actually missed to have my family around me, because the only person who congratulated me was my wife and some of the teachers... even my parents in law forgot about it.

They don't celebrate birthdays here in Japan as they do it in the Netherlands or other countries, here it is just a Happy birthday and most of the times that's about it.

I was so happy to receive a packet from my parents with a lot of candy, and presents in it! and in the evening Mayuko and I went out for dinner at a local Izakaya.

For my birthday I bought a Nikon D50 camera, and Mayuko helped my buying it.

Here are some of my first Pictures with this beautiful camera.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures Dave! They look super high quality. I'm glad to hear that you had a nice birthday with Mayu-chan in Japan.

Don't worry about her parents not remembering your birthday because my in-laws still can't remember mine!