Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Uncle Dave part 2 (many more to come)

On the 17th of December my brother in law and his family came over to the family house, and of course the little girl “Nana chan” was there as well.

The baby is so cute, but aren’t all babies cute? Well, anyway I think she is VERY cute haha. I am looking forward to get my own child, but there are some other things that have to be done before that … (sex … ).

Anyway here are some new pictures of the new born Superstar Nana chan + family


The Family, from left to right: Me, Otosan, Nana-chan, Mayuko, Okasan, Akiko, and brother in law Takuya.

Otosan and Nana-chan


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Anonymous said...

What a cute baby! I think you're right about all babies being cute, but recently I've started to think that expecially Asian babies are cute, maybe because I don't see them around here so much.

I hope your days are good in Japan and hope to talk to you soon, Dave!

*Super Hug*