Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's getting hot

Well, I guess it's the time of the year again: Summer time.

It's about 26 degrees in the house, and last week was the first time to put the airco on again after it hasn't been used for about 7 months. I don't mind the heat, but it can be so humid that your body sticks to your clothes after just walking up the hill... it's annoying so now and then. But the summer also brings good things... Summer festivals.

I really hope to go to some nice festivals this year, especially some small local festivals (Matsuri). I have been to the Gion festival last year, which is one of the largest festivals in Japan, but it was too crowed for me and my girl. We will go to the Kobe firework festival for sure *which is on the 4th of August*. If anyone knows some nice matsuri's in the Kobe region than please let me know.

My summer holiday will start in 2 weeks from now, and I will be having 6 weeks off (maybe will do some summer work, but we will see). I am planning to work on my website and finally give it the long/needed re-design, study on my Japanese, make more friends, and find some sport in Kobe.

Beside that we will also probably head towards Takayama with the whole family for 1 or 2 nights. Looks like a great small village to relax and do some sightseeing.

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