Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Class at my kindergarten

Today was my fifth time to work at the Saturday class at a Kindergarten in Toyonaka. I normally teach together with Noriko, my Japanese partner, but she had a day off today so I was working together with Mayu (not Mayuko).

We started with circle time, and introduced Mayu to the kids whom of course were a little bit shy *which was cute in some way*. After that we practiced Shapes, the alphabet, phonics, and this months new Vocabulary with the topic "In the sky". It was the first time to do the whole circle time by myself so I was a bit doki doki (nervous) for that, but it went very well.

After circle time we wrote in the journal, textbook, had lunch, played outside and last but not least we were watching 15minutes of "Lilo & Stitch" (one of the kids needed to cry because he was scared of stitch... how cute is that).

I had a very good day, well actually it was my best day at "Kinder kids", so I am very happy about today. But I am also very tired (Mayuko wanted to go shopping after work...), so I won't do anything tomorrow besides some small things.

Have a nice Saturday, and don't forget to smile just for nothing so now and then (or is it now and again?)


ジョン said...

Good work, D.B. I'll be teaching a small English circle once a week soon, it seems, and I'm kind of worried, but looking at your example, I can gain some bravery. ^_^

kneeara said...

:) its now and again :)