Sunday, April 30, 2006


This last Saturday my wife said that she had big news for me, and it WAS! When she said this I immediately knew what she was going to say: She received my Visa.

I was so happy to hear this, because I was a little bit worried if it would come in on time, and that everything was arranged good. I almost cried actually and it made me have this big smile when I am thinking about it! 45 days to go now, yes counting off sucks because the days are only going slower and slower, and my excitement is getting bigger and bigger haha.

Mayuko will be moving to the house this Wednesday, so let's see what she's thinking of it.

I hope this last weeks will not be to hard, but I will try to see everything with a positive attitude.


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Anonymous said...

Hey crazy one, congrats man!! I know kinda late, but better late than never right? And I probably already congratulated you anwayz :)!!
Peace out!!

Damian said...

COngrats man. Good luck with everything.