Sunday, May 14, 2006

32 Days to go.

Since last week Mayuko has moved into our new house to get used to the place, and because it is close to her work in Nishinomiya. She is also setting up the house, so that when I come we only have to do the fun things. Thank you my love for this!!! Stuff that mayuko bought already:
*Carpet.. we got 2 rooms with tatami, bit to much

She also got some stuff from her parents, and we will buy some small things together when I arrive there.

The walking up and down from the station to the house is not so bad as she thought, but the summer is not here yet hahaha. And also she saw a wild boar in front of our house. haha, scared the hell out of me when I heard this... great for the BBQ though. From our balcony we can see a large tree, and some view over the ocean!

This upcoming Monday, I have to go to the Japanese embassy here in The Hague, to change my COE *Certificate of Eligibility* into a Visa. I should fill in some papers in the morning, than wait for 5 hours * I think I will go to the beach* and I will have my REAL Visa.

Then Tuesday, I have to tell my managers that I am leaving the company, so that is also very exciting.

and then Thursday I have to go to my uncle, who is sadly having cancer, and is doing worse all the time.

So yeah, beside the last thing my life is great! And I am a happy person :D

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