Monday, March 27, 2006

Teaching in Japan preparation

When I arrive in Japan, I should get *of course* a job. My love is in the IT/Design section, but that's not so easy to get, because my Japanese is not that good yet. So instead of searching for an IT job, I want to start as an English teacher ( EIGO NO SENSEI). When I was in Japan last year, I was teaching Japanese kids in summer school for one week! It was not easy, especially because I had NO NO NO experience in teaching at all, but It also was heaps of fun, and after already 3 days the kids started to enjoy a lot with me, and I enjoyed with them.

So as a preparation to make things more easy, getting a job, and feeling confident about myself, I am doing a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). It is not the best teaching course there is, but better something than nothing! I have 10 modules, plus and extra Grammar, and Kids module! Here is a short list of what I learn:

> Module 1 : Student Motivation, Teacher Roles & EFL Methodology
> Module 2 : Grammar Awareness
> Module 3 : Classroom Management & Student Levels
> Module 4 : How to teach Grammar
> Module 5 : How to teach Vocabulary
> Module 6 : Observe & analyze a teacher in action (on DVD ROM)
> Module 7 : How to teach Speaking and Writing Skills
> Module 8 : How to teach Reading and Listening Skills
> Module 9 : Games & Lesson Planning
> Module 10 : Information & Resources
> Module 11 : Extra GAM (Grammar Awareness module)
> Module 12 : Extra Young Learners

Check for more info the website from I to I tefl

I am really enjoying this course, and I am learning a lot ( even though it is only theory) I still have to work on my English though, and that is one of the hardest parts of this course. But yeah, isn't everyone learning in life!? I finished all modules except the Games & Lesson Planning and the Young Learners one. The Lesson planning really is a .... But I learn a lot from it, so that's okay.

I really hope that I can find a nice teaching Job in Japan, and that I can develop my website ( ) , so that I can make money with that, and get more people visiting my website * currently I got 2300 a month! woehoe!

Catch you people later, and don't be afraid to leave a comment!


ジョン said...

I wish you well with teaching. I've kind of considered it myself but I don't know ... I'll be looking forward to reading about your progress!

Zen said...

I'm thinking of doing the English teaching bit, as a last resort or as an aid to other income projects.
I have heard some not so good things about it. I will be interested in your progress.