Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, 1 month old

Happy Birthday Reo, tomorrow you will become one month old.

Life has changed so much, after he has been born. I want to go home a.s.a.p. , responsibility has tripled, life has got more meaning then before in my opinion. The wife is sometimes complaining a lot towards me, but I can understand that with certain things, and in the other way she is still very sweet to me. I though I would really become on the background, but that's not the thing.

Reo is sleeping very well, even though he got his crying hours (especially between 10-1 in the evening), drinking a lot of milk, becomes cuter and fatter every day.

Today we went to Tarumi Kai Jinja (temple), to pray for his health and future. We sat on a bench, and the priest was walking around, saying stuff in Japanese, and reading text from a book and our names (DEEEVIIEEE SUTOKUUHOFFF , which makes me feel good that we decided to not change Mayuko her last name).

We have been at her parents place for about a month now (it's normal in Japan to go to the parents after the baby is born, to get support and learn how to do certain things... which I think was very nice, because now we can go home with a good feeling).

Anyway, here are some photo's.


Anonymous said...

Yuts, daw palagpat imo blog.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. What a beautiful baby!

the soul of japan said...

nice blog man ! Add me to your links:


Anonymous said...

Het is echt een prachtig mannetje! :)
Geniet ervan!!

Anonymous said...

Aaah wat verschrikkelijk schattig!! Hij lacht zo lief :D

Hihi, je kent mij niet ofzo...maar ik ben wel geïnteresseerd in Japan ;) Ga waarschijnlijk over 2 jaar studeren in Leiden.

Anyhoo, gefeliciteerd!