Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer 2008

Hello everyone,

Here a summer update live from the worlds greatest city, Kobe.

It's been a pretty hot summer this year, guess it will only get hotter in the future (if you do not believe in the Day after tomorrow I guess). The weather was a bit hard for the baby tough, especially for his skin because he is mecha mecha (very very) chubby.

Beside his skin, that we are a little worried about, Reo is doing super. He is growing fast, and I think he will become smarter than Mayuko and I are... His neck is also pretty stable, so with our help he is able to sit down, and do sit ups. He is now about 6.5 kilo.

My summer holiday started from half July, and I will go back to the schools tomorrow. I had 2 summer jobs, and they actually make me not wanting to go back to the elementary schools. I am kind of getting tired of traveling to different schools, teaching 800 kids a week, and a lot of teachers/kids just don't care about English. It's a fun job to do, but after 2 years I say: GIVE ME ANOTHER JOB. A well, just another 6 months to go and I will do something else than this (that's my intention though).

I have also decided that I will be doing the JLPT 2 this year, even though the change that I might not pass is a pretty big I will do my best to prepare for it. I does mean that until December, I should at least study 2 hours a day (14 hours a week + 14 weeks is almost 200 hours)... fewww If I do fail, I will take the test again next July. I WILL GET JLPT 2 BEFORE NEXT SUMMER..

There was also a pretty dramatic accident a couple of weeks ago near our house. A river started to flood, and 4 people died.

I have a lot of photo's from Reo, and if you want to see all. Then please visit my flickr account:

Have fun, and if you have any specific questions on how life in Japan is... FIRE them :D

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