Saturday, June 07, 2008

The baby is born! Good morning little boy.

On Friday, May 30th at 10.34 A.M. in the Tanabe FrauenKlinik in Kobe Japan, our little boy was born. He weighted 2970 gram, and was 50.5cm tall when he came out. He already gained about 200 gram in the last week, and he is getting milk from the breast.

His official name is Reo Terao 怜朗 寺尾、but feel free to call him Reo Terao Stokhof in unofficial matters.

He is now already 9 days old, and is a very sweet and smart boy... meaning he doesn't keep us awake all night. He has some things of me, and some things of my wife.... which is one of the most interesting thing of having a mixed child... what's his Japanese side and what's his Dutch side. I will let you people decide your own opinion, because I'm not really good in that.

Our life has changed huge since the day he was born, and there are a lot of things we have to learn, and have to get used to, but we are enjoying every day with our little boy. Before I was happy to go home after work, but now I am really really looking forward going home again, and seeing Reo again. Holding him in my arms, watching his 1000's different expressions, and giving him milk by the bottle when Mayuko is too tired.

A couple of difficult things are, the fact that he is soooo small and fragile and taking a bath with him is a bit hard. Another thing is, but I guess that's also a funny thing is when changing diapers, is that he sometimes urinating straight up... almost in your face.

We will enjoy our time with him, and will do all our best to raise him in a proper way. If anyone has any advice for us, feel free to do that.

Last but definitely not least. I want to thank all our family and friends for their heart warming congratulations, and we will try to post as many blogs, photo's and other updates on the net for your guys...

A happy happy Birthday for our little son Reo Terao (Stokhof)


ジョン said...

Hey, congratulations, man! Yet another lifelong journey begins--for all of you. Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

What a cute smile he has! He looks so tiny and happy in the pic of you and him in your arms!

You guys are one of those lucky parents who don't have to wake up to feed the child in the middle of the night.

Congratulations, again!

Harvey said...

WOWWWW BABIES!!! Someday I'll have a baby, but geesh! Baby!

Man his hands are super freakin small and wrinkly.

Good luck! Are you going to try to raise a tri-lingual kid?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! wishing you three the best!
nice pictures btw :)

Anonymous said...

Your Baby is soooo sweeet!!! Super-cute!!! well, Gambare, ne?

Jonathan said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

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