Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wireless Internet (ahum part 1)

Reo is starting to put everything in his mouth, and is pulling every cord that he sees... including the one from my precious MAC.
So we had decided to buy a wireless router the other day. We bought one yesterday, a Planex MZK-WO4N...

I followed the instructions, I change some stuff that I needed to change, I searched for advice on the internet, but after trying to connected it for 4 hours last night, and 3 hours today... I failed to let it work.

Meaning, we need to call the "give me your money, I will do it for you in 30 minutes... sometimes 2 hours if they have nothing to do" guy. The sales woman told us, it's going to be around 20.000 yen... grrr

So yeah, this is what I did in my weekend! How about you guys

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Misa said...

Hi Dave,

Reo sounds like quite an explorer, it must be lots of fun to watch him doing new things!
Sorry that you had to pay such a high bill for hooking up your wireless router. I'd forgotten how expensive things were in Japan.

You should upgrade your Flicker account, it's only $27 something for a whole year. You have such a nice camera, so it's definitely worth it.

Nice to hear from you!