Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Drunken' Japanese Politician Quits His Post

I thought, let's posts something about Japanese politicians:

A Japanese minister who appeared to be drunk at a G7 news conference has quit.

Shoichi Nakagawa denied being drunk at the G7 news conference
Finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa stunned fellow politicians when he appeared on camera slurring his words, swaying and apparently falling asleep.
He denied being drunk and said a glass of wine on top of a dose of cold medicine was to blame for his bizarre behaviour.
But the minister said he was stepping down for health reasons.
He has been replaced by Kaoru Yosano.
"I have caused trouble to the people," Mr Nakagawa said.

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Misa said...

Wow, he really looked bad in the first video, couldn't even keep his eyes open or stand up by himself! It was kind of funny, though.