Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new Job

As some of you might already know, I started a new job from the beginning of February. I am again teaching English, but this time I have my own class, with the exception of different kids in the afternoon class, and I have to work from Tuesday to Saturday. So I have 2 days off, instead of having only 1 week off with my previous work.

The work is pretty fun, and the kids are adorable! I still have a lot of things to learn, on how to be more strict and teach them things in a more interesting way than just playing the same game over and over again. My co-workers are pretty cool, and from March-April another Dutch person (Boukje) will be working for the same company.

I took this class over, from a very nice guy from NZ and beside this class I also took over 1 of his private classes (1 doctor and 2 nurses). So yeah, I am very busy... as always lol.

Reo is doing great, he is first tooth came out about a week ago, and he is starting to walk along the sofa and table. I think it will take maybe 1 or 2 months before he is able to stand and walk by himself. Let's wait and see :D . He already had his first child desease about a month ago (the sixt disease also known as the 3 day fever), meaning he had fever for 3 days (highest was 40.4 degrees) so that was pretty scary.

I got the result of my Japanese language Proficiency Test:

I only had 166 points out of 400... I needed over 240 points to pass the test...

Aaah, well I am going to take the test again in June, and I should be able to pass that time. Only 20% to go :D


Misa said...

When I was studying English at school, even living in the US, it took me a while to improve. One of these days, for sure, you will have a moment that everything starts to get easier, and your Japanese gets so much better.

Good luck with your next test in June!

Rick said...

Hey Dave,

leuke post en ik sta helemaal perplex dat Boukje ook bij jou komt werken! We moeten binnekort eens afspreken voor een etentje o.i.d. Jammer van die test. Ik had hem wel gehaald met 264 punten, maar ik ben niet tevreden met mijn score dus ga in Juni nog een keer 2 kyuu doen. Heb je mijn blogreport al gechecked? We zijn namelijk getrouwd! Later!

Boukje said...

@Rick: Ik was ook echt super verbaasd toen ik op mijn job interview hoorde dat Davey daar ook werkte! Het was echt complete toeval. Gefeliciteerd met je huwelijk en het halen van de 2kyu.