Thursday, April 03, 2008

Japanese TV... an addition to it

I think a lot of foreigners in Japan dislike Japanese TV. Why I think that... because I have almost never heard any foreigner talking about Japanese TV when I talked to them about it.

What I think about Japanese TV? Well, I sometimes really enjoy watching it, and have some programs that I just don't want to miss: Mechaike, Lincoln, etc. But I have to agree on some things: There are too many cooking programs where people are lying about the taste, there are too many stupid and low budget commercials, and they amount of foreign programs (movies, drama's etc) is very low to zero (if you do want to watch them, you have to stay up until 1 or 2 in the night).

So, I have been complaining to my wife about it for months... crying, and breaking glasses on the wall. No just kidding.

But yeah, I have been asking for an addition for already a couple of months, but she always said it wasn't necessary or a waste of money. Until this guy from J:com came by and gave her some more information about it. After that she decided to give me a present:

J:Com TV.

J:Com gives you internet, phone, and TV for only 9.000 yen a month. So right now we have 66 extra TV channels :D :D YATTA. I can now watch 7 sports channels, 3 music channels, CNN and CNBC, FOX tv, Discovery channel, history channel, and a lot more Japanese and international TV programs. (here is a list of the channels and the link to J:com in English)

So, thank you Mayuko!

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