Saturday, April 05, 2008

Going to a Japanese language school

Since I have about 1.5/2 months vacation, I have decided to work on my Japanese by going to a school this time. I was looking for a school already last year, but couldn't find anything besides private lessons for 3000 yen an hour, and unqualified looking teachers.

This year, I finally found something nice, KKC, a school located in Namba Osaka (about 1 hour away from my house and 1050 yen transportation a day). I can study in the morning from 9 to 12.30 and/or from 1 to 4.30. For one month it costs me 44.000 yen, which sounds expensive, but if you calculate the hours it's actually very cheap.

We use the text book: Mina Nihongo 2, and are in a class of 6 to 10 persons. A lot of koreans, and Chinese, but they are fun besides the fact that they do speak a lot of Korean and I can't understand a word.

Anyway, I really have to put some extra power behind studying Japanese. This year I really hope to do JLPT 2, even though it might be a very VERY big challenge... Wish me luck


ジョン said...

Good luck, D.B. My school, The Yamasa Institute, was pretty good about encouraging a Japanese-only atmosphere, but there were always be those folks that keep using their mother tongue. Just focus on your own improvement and do your best.

Anonymous said...

Leuk om een Nederlander te vinden in Japan! Ik zat vandaag te surfen en heb met veel plezier je blog gelezen. Ik zit eigenlijk in hetzelfde schuitje! Ben onlangs getrouwd met een Japanse en weet me op het moment geen raad betreft werk. Het enige wat ik zou kunnen doen is engelse les geven maar ik krijg sterk de indruk dat ze echt alleen opzoek zijn naar NATIVES. M'n vraag aan jou is hoe jou dat af ging? Ging het redelijk moeilijk of makkelijk? Heb je nog enige tips? Ik zit overigens in Tokyo.

het lijkt me leuk om van je te horen. Dit is m'n e-mail