Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Japanese Subway

-Schoolgirls in all sort of uniforms,

-Salaryman in their black suits,
-People reading comic books, old and young,
-Middle age women fighting for a seat ( of course the middle age women win)
-Female only cabins,
-Chikans and Chijo
-Sleeping people, while sitting or standing
-trains every 5-10 minutes
-Train pushers

-Densha Otoko

-50% will play with their Keitai ( mobile phone)

-advertisements above your head
-Getting lost
-Watching the latest fashion
-A Gas Attack ( well this only happened one time)


Dirk said...

your video got deleted

Anonymous said...

he leuk man die school meisjes in die korte uniformen hahahahahahha

twee keer raden wie ik ben r....d en ik werk voor docomo