Thursday, July 13, 2006


Girls High school behind our house. (yes only girls)

Hanshin Tigers Vending Machine!!!!!!!

View over the city a couple minutes walking from our house

Some small shrine on a small island in a small city called Ako

A small shrine on top of the mountain 2 trainstops from our house (that were some HIGH HIGH stairs hahaha)

Well, this picture says enough


Nunobiki Ropeway, from shinkobe station

Nunobiki Ropeway

Nunobiki waterfall, view from the ropeway


Misa said...

Hey Dave!
Very nice pictures of the places you went to. Those pictures make me think that Japan is not a such a bad place to live. Especially, the ones from the beach and the shrine.

It's nice to see you and Mayu being happy together!

Mycernius said...

Nice pics and glad you have finally made it. Strange idea of a Dutchman teaching English in Japan.
At least you are with your wife and happy together.
Myc (Mike)