Wednesday, June 07, 2006

7 days to go, what should I bring with me?

Well only 7 days to go, 1.5 day to work. Next Monday I will go shopping; food, clothes, etc. But the question is: What shall I buy, what shall I bring with me to Japan? I hope you people have some idea's for me.

List of things that definitely want to buy:
Peanut butter
Godiva Chocolate for my mother in law
Chocolate spread
Cheese shaver
Smoked Sausage
Dutch souvenirs: such as post cards, and small well other stuff, NO DROP
present for my father in law, V.S.O.P

So if anybody got some idea's for me???? Please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

you are leaving already! great! hmm.. maybe you should bring photos of your family and friends with you...? thats all i can think about rigth now :) *waving*

Anonymous said...

Ik heb dit keer Jip & Janneke dingetjes meegenomen van de Hema. Is leuk voor alle meisjes tot begin 20 :) Goede reis!!

PS Ik kwam op je blog via de site van Ad..

Dirk said...

you should take:
clothes in your own size
i read
most shops sell clothes in japanese(small) sizes,and there are stores with bigger size's but those are considered to be for fat people

what does your father in law like?