Sunday, August 16, 2009

summer vacation 2009

This summer I only had 2 weeks of, last year I had 1.5 month off (I didn't get paid for it, now I do get paid), and it was a very nice one... so nice that I am not looking forward to go back to work tomorrow. Go go Davey!

My brother came over for 2 weeks and we have done a lot of things together... a small list of the things that we have done:

*Barbeque and Sukiyaki at the parents-in-law
*Shabu Shabu and gaming with Fred in Harborland

*Tokyo for 3 days
---Shopping in Ginza (I could finally go to H&M again... next year there will maybe come one in Osaka)
---Gaming in Akihabara and enjoying a maid cafe (the games were pretty cool... Street fighter 4 and Half life... We also enjoyed the maid cafe, although some of the guys whom were walking around there were pretty... weird)
---Roppongi hills (We went to Mori tower for the City view at night... which was amazing! We had a great view over the city and Tokyo Tower looked sweet at night as well)
---Shinjuku and Shibuya (We saw Hachiko, bought some CD's at Tower records, enjoyed the view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, saw some crazy kids in Yoyogi Park, and went to a sword museum that should have been a lot more interesting)
---Odaiba ( Joypolis a small but very cool indoor attraction park together with Yuka and Takeshi, saw THE 15 meter tall Gundam, and had dinner at an Indian restaurant at 1.30 A.M.
--- Chiba... visiting a friends house, Disney resort (just to take a picture lol), Tsukiji market (we were to late, so there wasn't anything interesting besides the very nice Sushi restaurant), Asakusa (which wasn't very interesting, because I've already been to Kyoto 5 times), and Akihabara again (street fighter)

*Making a TV shelf for the bedroom (my brother is a carpenter ;) )
*Enjoying fireworks with too many people at Yodogawa firework festival
*Nara for 2 days to stay over at Mayuko her friend's place and to visit Kasuga Taisha, Todai-ji, and the beautifal horyu-ji
*Batting center with the sister-in-law to become number 2 ... meaning my brother and I needed to pay for Baskin Robbins 31 ice cream for the whole family
*Visiting graves in Kita-ku and Ashiya
*Going to the city farm on top of Rokko-san
*Shopping in Sannomiya and having a a lovely lunch at Triton Cafe in Kitano
*Going to World Buffet, and to do some game horse ridding (I thought I would die)
*Watching several movies; Hush, Bittersweet life, Wasabi, Banlieu 13 (part 2), and G.I. Joe (which wasn't too bad)

This is my last day off, and all I am going to do today is to relax with my family and sleep ...

Here are some photos

This holiday a good friend from my wife and I whom we met in Australia committed suicide... Not sure why she did it, because we haven't seen her for a while... but it's just soo unrealistic, especially because she was the only person I have met in my life whom really seemed to enjoy her life to the fullest... We will miss you, but your smile will continue. Let's enjoy life to the fullest

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Misa said...

Nice pictures!! I especially love the one with Reo splashing the water in the pool. It has full of summer feel to it.

I almost envy your enthusiasms going all over Japan. I didn't travel as much as you did even when I lived in Japan for 20 some years.

I'm glad that you're enjoying life in Japan!