Monday, December 17, 2007

My birthday

Last week (December 13th) it was my 23rd B-Day. For the ones who had send me a message thank you very much, and for the ones who had forget about it... Don't forget my 24th B-Day.

Even though my B-day was on the 13th, we also celebrated it a week earlier because of Kimio and Takuya their Birthday. For them we bought an I-pod and a food massage machine. I myself got a Porter bag (very cool one!!!), a T-shirt from Kikuchi takeo, and a nice Edwin jeans from my lady ( I though it was the same as in the Brad Pitt CM... but no).

Minako, made us a B-day cake, and Okasan ordered some very nice o-bento's.

On my birthday itself, my mother woke me up in the morning with a phone call, and my dad give me a call later in the evening. We had a lovely dinner in Sannomiya with again some nice cake...and oww I almost forgot.. the kids at school were singing some B-day songs for me.

In overall I had a very nice b-day, and will do my best in the upcoming year to grow in life, and to enjoy my stay in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Congratulations on the baby! You and your wife are adorable. How did you meet your wife?