Thursday, November 29, 2007

November Update

Today I went to one of the schools that I'm teaching at (I am teaching at 3 schools this moment). It's a school in Down-town Kobe, what you can see because the kids are a bit rougher and they have some more fights than other schools I have been to, but for the rest the kids are very nice, and closer to me than kids on other schools... I had 5 lessons today, from the 1st period until the 5th period, and I was teaching them about Feelings and Food.

This morning I also talked to Mayuko about what we shall do during our (3 weeks YATTA) winter break. A couple of months ago we were planing of going to Tokyo, but now Mayuko is pregnant a busy city like that is not the best option so we might go to Fukuoka if Mayuko her morning sickness has gone away a little bit more (doing better reccently).

We will also stay at the parents house for at least 2 weeks, where I want to try to give a bit more Dutch style Christmas and New year. Not sure yet how to do that tough... tips?

I am also planning of sending a box full of presents back home, I should because I promised them before....

But yeah, still 3 working weeks to go... ow I mean 2 weeks... dam this week went fast. ;)


アレックス said...

Thanks for the reccomendation, I'll be sure to watch it.

Have you ever been to Fukuoka before? It's a wonderful city and the people are really nice. (nicer than Toyohashi at least) I was a camp counselor at an English camp there last summer, and it was great, I'm not sure how it is in the winter though.

Enjoy your vacation!

runawaycat said...

Found your blog from a thread. So you're teaching English in Japan...I'm thinking of doing so too. Maybe in a few years time. Just thinking :)