Friday, March 30, 2007

The parents, and "the Wedding"

It has been a while since I have posted on here, but I have been really busy with my last weeks of work, my family that came over to Japan, and the preparations for my wedding ceremony.

My mother and her wife came over half march and left Japan today. It was great fun to see them again, and we have enjoyed a lot together. I took them to Kyoto, Himeji, USJ, and other places around and in Kobe. We also went to Karaoke together where they song songs from Frank Sinatra to the Backstreet boys. It was sad to say goodbye today but they have enjoyed a lot and could see that I am in good hands with my wife and her family.

My dad and my brother came over the 23rd and will stay until the 11th of April. They also came to USJ and other places. Next week they will go to Hiroshima for a 2 days, and we will go to Osaka and Nara with them.

The wedding ceremony was just perfect, after weeks of preparation the big day had finally arrived. Mayuko arrived around 14.15, while I arrived around 14.45. Mayuko had her hair done, and we both put on our wedding clothes, I had a tuxedo, and Mayuko had a princes line white wedding dress. The ceremony started on 16.15 in the garden of the place, where I first picked up flowers from the guests to make a bouquet out of it. Then 5minutes later Mayuko arrived and I went down on my knees (again) to give her the bouquet and proposed my love to her. We then swore our love in front of each other and signed the papers. My brother was my witness while Chie was Mayuko her witness, so they signed after us.

After the ceremony we went back inside again, and Mayuko and I had a 10minutes break before we entered the party again. We had an openings speech and after that my dad and Mayuko her brother held a speech for us. We only had a couple of speeches because we didn't wanted everyone to fall asleep. I was glad that Mayuko her best friend Chie had a speech and our friend Yuka (whom we have met in Australia 3.5 years ago).

We changed into our Japanese clothes later on, Kimono and Hakama and cut the cake in the garden. The whole evening we were so busy that we had no time to eat the delicious food, so I really wanted to eat a part of our wedding cake that our friends and family had decorated while we were changing into other clothes.

In the end we had a speech to our parents, which was really emotional for both of the parents, and a speech to our guests.

It was a great day, and I could write a lot more about it, what I will maybe do later on.


Zen said...

Omideto gozaimas!

May you have many happy years together.

PS: wait a few years to enjoy your time together before having kids ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hallo davey en Mayuko.

Wat een geweldige mooie foto's,en een heel mooi verslag van jullie "mooiste dag" en wat stralen jullie!!!
Ik hoop dat jullie nu nóg meer van elkaar kunnen gaan genieten nu alle spanningen van de voorbereidingen voorbij zijn.
Liefs Jacq

Misa said...

Very nice pictures Dave! I really loved the part when you got down on your knees and proposed Mayu-chan. It sounds like such a nice thing to do.

Man, I wish I could see your whole wedding ceremony!

ジョン said...

Hey, Dave ... I guess you're already married but congrats on the wedding ceremony anyway! Looks like it was quite nice.

Anonymous said...

hey dave

mischien een beetje laat maar toch nog gefeliciteerd